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Polygon Doc
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  • Created: Tue Oct 12 14:22:24 2004
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Polygon a Python package for handling polygons 2D Documentation for Version 1 xContentsIntroduction 1Installation 1Important Changes from 0 x to 1 x versions 2Contents and Usage 2Basic Example 2Module cPolygon core Polygon objects 2Polygon objects 2Polygon methods 3Polygon operations 4TriStrips 4getTolerance and setTolerance 4setDataStyle 5Module Polygon py additional methods 6WARNING The examples...
Yazyk Programmirovaniya Python Kurs Lekcij Roman Avrievich Suzi 2005
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  • Created: Fri Dec 23 22:24:03 2005
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Язык программирования Python PythonPython- Python PythonPythonPython -- GUI-Unicode XMLPythonPython1 PythonPythonPython2PythonPython3Pascal C JavaPythonPythonPythonPythonPython4 -5 Numeric6PythonUnicode Unicode27 -PythonPython8 Web- Python - web--web-9 Python-Python InternetPythonTCP IP UDP IPHTTP FTP SMTP POP3 IMAP NNTPsocketurllib2 poplibsmtplibIP-WWW10 DB-API 2 0SQL1112Tk13 ...
Presentation Python
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  • Created: Wed Sep 9 11:24:23 2009
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Initiation Python Xavier JUVIGNYSeptembre 20091 Les bases de Python1 1 Introduction1 1 1 HistoriqueePython est un langage cr e par Guido Van Rossum n 1989 au Centrumvoor Wiskunde en Informatica CWI aux Pays-Bas Le nom du langage faiteer f rence a la s rie britannique Monty Python ying circus dont Guido VoneRossum etait fan L ann e suivante 1990 une premi re version 0 9 este esortie dans le domaine...
Python 2 6 Graphics Cookbook M Ohlson De Fine
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  • Created: Mon Nov 22 12:30:30 2010
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Python 2 6 Graphics CookbookOver 100 great recipes for creating and animatinggraphics using PythonMike Ohlson de FineBIRMINGHAM - MUMBAIPython 2 6 Graphics CookbookCopyright 2010 Packt PublishingAll rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced stored in a retrieval systemor transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of thepublisher except in the case of ... de Fine.pdf
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Python Documentation & Startup Python DocumentationStartupPresented 16 DEC 2010 Training Module Version 1 01By Dr R Don Green Ph DEmail drdg prodigy netWebsite http drdg tripod comPrerequisitesIf needed refer to and follow steps inPython Installation by Dr R Don Green Ph DOr navigate directly toNice to have listTrainees need access to Python either duringtraining or shortly thereafter to assure th... games development/Python/Pyth...rt16DEC2010.pdf
Appendix Python
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  • Created: Thu Jan 25 17:19:42 2007
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Python Script Support for ESM In This ChapterThis section describes the Python script support for Enhanced Subscriber Management ESMThe following topics are includedPython Script Support for ESM on page 1838Python in SR-OS Overview on page 1839Python Changes on page 1839Python Support in sub-ident-policy on page 1840Configuration on page 1842Operator Debugging on page 1844Python Scripts on page 18...
Developerguide Python
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  • Created: Thu May 15 19:37:50 2014
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Python Development Guide Python Development GuidePython Development GuidePublication date May 15 2014Copyright 2014All rights reserved 60East AMPS and Advanced Message Processing System are trademarks of 60East Technologies Inc All other trademarksare the property of their respective ownersTable of Contents1 Introduction 11 1 Prerequisites 12 Building and Installing the AMPS Client 22 1 Obtaining ...
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Algebraic Sum Types in Python Algebraic sum typesin PythonSimon SapinPyCon UK 2013-09-22Hi I m SimonThese notes expand a bit more than the actual five minutes lightningtalk1 9rust-lang orgIt s niceI recently joined Mozilla and I m not doing as much Python anymoreI do RustOne of Rust s features that I miss in Python is its enum types2 9Type theoryintfloatstrNoneTypeLet s take a step back and talk a...
Python Intro
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  • Created: Fri Jan 14 18:45:03 2005
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Microsoft PowerPoint - Python-intro.ppt Introduction to Pythonas a Functional Object-Oriented ProgrammingLanguageHarold Boley UNB CSNRC Semantic Web LaboratoryFredericton NBJanuary 13 2005Based on Python slides by0K Naik M Raju and S BhatkarOutlineIntroductionInstallation and UseDistinct FeaturesPython BasicsFunctional ExampleComparisons with Other LanguagesAreas of ApplicationReferences1Introduct...
Nscope Prs 025 01 Memory
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  • Created: Tue Dec 3 17:50:51 2013
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CNRS ANF Python Memory worksMarc PoinotNumerical Simulation Deptmarc poinot onera frOutlineMemory management PythonBasic memory conceptsPythonallocation concernsreference countnumpyworkflow and memory ownershipNSCOPE-PRS-025 2 16 marc poinot onera frSCOPEQuestionsWhat is memory and how does it work with PythonHow to share arrays of data from Fortran C C to PythonAnswersAn overview of who what wher...
Caractera Sticas Ba Sicas De Python
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  • Created: Fri Sep 28 08:07:53 2012
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Características Básicas de Python copia PythonCaracter sticas B sicasInt rprete3 58Esto es una fraseEsto es una fraseEl int rprete de Python nos permite teneruna sesi n interactiva con l muy til parasu aprendizajeOperacionesEsto es una fraseEsto es una fraseCon Python podemos realizar muchasoperaciones sean matem ticas o noPor ejemplo sumar dos textos produce su uni n oconcatenaci n Cuidado con ...ísticas+B�...s+de+Python.pdf
Python Scripting For Computational Science
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Python Scripting for Computational ScienceHans Petter LangtangenSimula Research LaboratoryandDepartment of InformaticsUniversity of OsloIVPrefaceThe primary purpose of this book is to help scientists and engineers whowork intensively with computers to become more productive have more funand increase the reliability of their investigations Scripting in the Pythonprogramming language can be a key to... Scripting for...nal Science.pdf
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  • Created: Mon Mar 22 12:48:47 2010
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Python no muerde, yo sí Python no muerde yo sO aprenda a programar en 3217 d asAutor Roberto Alsina ralsina netmanagers com arVersi n RevisionContentsIntroducci n 2Requisitos 2Convenciones 2Mapa 4Acerca del Autor 6Pensar en Python 7Get Set 7Introducci nRequisitosste es un libro sobre Python 1 Es un libro que trata de explicar una manera posible de usarlouna manera de tomar una idea de tu cabeza y...
Hr2811 Python Bill Aspx
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  • Created: Thu Dec 1 19:55:56 2011
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Python Bill - HR2811 By Andrew WyattJuly 31 2009Click image to enlargeAlbino Burmese Python Wow it has been one crazy week Last Friday night after close of business here on the eastcoast I received a call from our lobbyists saying that their sources indicated that HR2811 Python ban was on the moveNow in case you are not familiar with what is going on in Washington right now HR2811 is a bill sponso...
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  • Created: Thu Jan 12 13:47:33 2012
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A Python Introduction class 02Alberto BesanaJanuary 12 20121Our very rst scriptfact step 1 1print factwhile step 10fact step fact step step 1print factput it in a le like factorial py and runpython factorial py2Some remarksmultiple assignment right-hand side expressions rst evalu-ated left to right then assignments take placeConditional whileIntegers work like CAnything with non-zero length is tru...
Quickref2 2
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Python 2 2 quick reference John W ShipmanRevision HistoryRevision Revision 1 6 Date 2003 09 26 03 39 27Table of Contents1 What is Python 22 Starting Python 23 Line syntax 24 Reserved words 35 Basic types 36 Numeric types 36 1 Integers int and long types 36 2 The float type 46 3 The complex type 46 4 Intrinsics for numbers 47 The sequence types 57 1 Intrinsic functions common to all sequences 57 2 ...
1401272187 Python Drive Listino Al Pubblico 2014
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Python-Drive Listino al Pubblico 2014 Python-DriveListino Prezzi 2014Trecate 02 01 2014Componenti SingoliGruppo Gruppo reggispinta Albero di Flange dicompleto Trasmissione AccoppiamentoModelloDisponibili per leflange di uscita degliinvertitori pi comuni4 -5 -6 -7 5Codice Prezzo Codice Prezzo Codice Prezzo PrezzoEuro Euro Euro EuroP30-R 800 00 PD-R 290 00 P30 425 00 85 00P60-B 860 00 PD-B 350 00 P6...
177256d1358088753 Nueva Comunidad De Blender Python Para Hispano Hablantes Tut Py24
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Guía de aprendizaje de Python Gu a de aprendizaje de PythonRelease 2 4 1a0Guido van RossumFred L Drake Jr editor11 de septiembre de 2005Python Software Foundationdocs Python orgCopyright 2001-2004 Python Software Foundation All rights reservedCopyright 2000 BeOpen com All rights reservedCopyright 1995-2000 Corporation for National Research Initiatives All rights reservedCopyright 1991-1995 Sticht...
Cm 2
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Cours 2 Premiers pas en Python Cours 2 Premiers pas en Python pPython interactifCours 2 Premiers pas en Python pPython interactifCours 2 Premiers pas en Python pVariablesInt r tCours 2 Premiers pas en Python pVariablesInt r tconserver le r sultat d une valuation compliqu eCours 2 Premiers pas en Python p......
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  • Created: Mon Oct 15 12:26:37 2001
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Programming Python STEP Infotek internal seminarSeminar contentsSome introductory mattersBasic Python types and statementsThe Python librariesA practical exerciseObject oriented programming in PythonIntroductionGetting to know PythonClassifying languagesProgramming languagescompiled statically typed fast low leveluseable for big projectsC C Java Ada Pascal EiffelScripting languagesinterpreted dyna...
Team Reptiles Blood Python Care Sheet2
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  • Created: Wed Oct 2 11:11:54 2013
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Team Reptiles Red Blood Python Care SheetGetting your first reptile can be a daunting process especially due to theconflicting care information out there online and in other reptile shopsHere at Team Reptiles our care information is based on decades ofhands on reptile keeping and breeding Remember we are at the end ofthe phone if you ever need any help or advice Please feel free to callus on 0191 ...
Python Manual 2007
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Python INSTALLATION MANUAL Python-Drive INSTALLATIONSVEJLEDNING 2008For enheder leveret fra producenten efter januar 2007For modeller fra P30-R op to P1000-GTak fordi De valgte et Python-Drive fleksible drivenhed der leveres komplet med alle n dvendige bolteskruer skiver og m trikkerDe nedenst ende anvisninger viser alle de n dvendige procedurer som skal f lges for at garantere en langog sikker... Manual 20...Manual 2007.pdf
Generateurs Python
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G n rateurs en Python un exemple r el e e eSt phane Bortzmeyerestephane blog bortzmeyer orgPremi re r daction de cet article le 2 juin 2009e ehttp www bortzmeyer org generateurs-Python html-Les fanas du langage de programmation Python citent souvent parmi les merveilles de ce langage lae e e e apossibilit d crire des g n rateurs c est- -dire des fonctions qui gardent automatiquement un etat d unap...
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Python FACT SHEET KINGDOMAnimaliaPHYLUMChordataCLASSReptiliaSUBCLASSLepidosauriaORDERSquamataSUBORDERSerpentesSUPERFAMILYHenophidiaFAMILYPythonidaeGENERAAspidites Antaresia ApodoraBothrochilus Leiopython LiasisMorelia PythonPython is the common name for a group of non-venomous constricting snakes specifically the family Pythonidae Othersources consider this group a subfamily of the Boas Pythoninae...
Python Crash Course
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Python Crash course Norwegian University of Life SciencesPythonPython crash courseJanuary 29 2008Crash courseH kon EngerDept of Mathematical Sciences and TechnologyNorwegian University of Life SciencesJanuary 29 2008PythonNorwegian University of Life SciencesPython crash courseGeneral-purpose high-level programming languageJanuary 29 2008Published by Guido van Rossum in 1991Named after Monty Pyth...
Beyond Bytecode A Wordcode Based Python
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Beyond Bytecode - A Wordcode-based Python Beyond Bytecodea Wordcode-based PythonCesare Di MauroA-Tono s r lPyCon Tre 2009 Firenze FlorenceMay 9 2009Cesare Di Mauro PyCon Tre 2009 Beyond Bytecode a Wordcode-based Python May 9 2009 1 30From Python source to Bytecodechar Source Control FlowGraph instrpgen c compile ccompile cnode Parse Tree Bytecode charast c peephole cAbstractadsl Syntax Tree Byteco... Bytecode - A Wordc...ased Python.pdf
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mxTextTools - Fast Text Parsing and Processing for Python mxTextToolsFast Text Parsingand Processingfor PythonVersion 3 1ersion 3 1Copyright 1997-2000 by IKDS Marc-Andr Lemburg LangenfeldCopyright 2000-2008 by eGenix com GmbH LangenfeldAll rights reserved No part of this work may be reproduced or used in a any form orby any means without written permission of the publisherAll product names and log...
Pelatihan Python Stl
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Pelatihan Python Standard Library Divisi Riset POSS UPISabtu 19 Oktober 2013Lab Umum Ilmu Komputer Gedung FPMIPA CUniversitas Pendidikan IndonesiaMengapa menggunakan STL- Mempermudah programmer Python dalam mengembangkan perangkatlunak yang tidak tergantung platform- Menjadi abstraksi agar programmer Python tidak membuat ulangfungsional yang sama padahal sudah disediakan di STL- Merupakan kumpulan...
Python Review
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Microsoft Word - Python review A quick review of basic Python commands and data structures forINFO- I485Compiled by Santosh ManickaThis is a quick review of some basic Python features that you will need to do yourassignments Of course this is far from being exhaustive I have put together somecode snippets below You should be able to run any piece on its own in pythonversion 2 x not 3 x You can run... review....thon review.pdf
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So legen Sie eine Schriftfarbe für eine Excel-Zelle fest, die der Anwender nicht verändern kann So legen Sie eine Schriftfarbe f r eine Excel-Zelle fest die der Anwendernicht ver ndern kannWenn Sie eine Schriftfarbe direkt in das Zahlenformat einer Excel-Zelle einbinden blockieren Siedie TextfarbeDie Farbe der Inhalte Ihrer Excel-Zellen k nnen Sie ber die die Schriftart steuern Indem Sie eine Fa...