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Sceg New Construction Lighting Incentives V21
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New Construction Lighting Incentives Application and Instructions Step 2Complete the program application and New Construction lighting worksheetSCE G s EnergyWise for Your Business Program is designed to help non-Refer to the Application Checklist on page 5 to verify that all required informationresidential customers replace aging inefficient equipment and systems withand documentation are include...
New Construction Permits Sept07 July 08
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Microsoft Word - New Construction Permits Sept07-July 08.doc Borough Location Job typeManhattan Village Soho New constructionIssue Date Start Issue Date EndSeptember 2007 July 2008New Construction Source New York City Department of BuildingsSEARCH RESULTS Building data updated monthly 1 of 1 1Address Location Issuance Date1 277 MOTT STREET Village Soho 5 27 20082 501 BROADWAY Village Soho 5 20 200... Construction Permits Sept07-July 0...t07-July 08.pdf
2012sum Sustainability
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New Construction Speed Savings of 33 to 50% SustainabilityTop Ten Sustainability Benefits 1 Formwork savings of 50 to 100 over conventionalof Shotcrete cast-in-place constructionThe United States Green Concrete Council s USGCC book 2 Formwork does not have to be designed for internal pressuresThe Sustainable Concrete Guide Applications includes a list 3 Complex shapes require very little if any fo...
Mn Bus Lighting New Construction Rebate Application 2011
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APPLICATION MinnesotaLighting EfficiencyFor use with invoices datedon or before July 31 2012lighting New Construction rebate application Opportunity ID Business Customer InformationCompany name Date submittedBilling address City State ZIPInstallation address if different City State ZIPContact name print Phone Email By providing your email address you are granting Xcel Energy permission to send f...
Led2 4 Led2 1437 11w
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LED2-4 4 New Construction NON-IC LED DOWNLIGHTNEWA Height 5-1 2B Cut-out 4-3 8C Width 5-1 2D Length 8E Bar Hanger 12 -24600 INPUT VOLT INPUT FREQ INPUT CUR INPUT POWER THD POWER FACTOR LUMENS120 277 50 60Hz 91mA 40mA 11W -5 20 0 9 600DESCRIPTION - 4 LED dedicated New Construction Non-IC housing with the driver installed on the junction box Designed for New Construction installations andsuitable fo...
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New Construction Single-Family Construction Single-Family ConstructionNew Construction in any neighborhood should be sensitive to the characterof surrounding houses After perusing the architectural style descriptions abuilder or property owner should be able to identify the patterns and types ofhouses within the immediate surroundings of the Construction project Newconstruction does not need to mi...
Charettes Not Just For New Construction 042011 Pdf 1315497452
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  • Total Pages: 3 Charrettes Not Just for New Construction Page 1 of 3AdvertisementApril 2011 http www facilitiesnet com green article Charrettes-Not-Just-for-New-Construction 12338 source fi05 16 2011Charrettes Not Just for NewConstructionBy Helen KesslerEco-charrettes have become fundamental to the design processfor green projects They provide a forum for... no....pdf?1315497452
Res Wd Coai Form
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Low-rise Residential New Construction Program — Cooperative Advertising Incentive (COAI Form) PON 2309Low-rise Residential New Construction ProgramCooperative Advertising Incentive COAI FormSection 1 Partner InformationCompany Name1 Telephone Contact Name Email Authorized Signature 2Date 1Provide Company Name as Shown on Participation Agreement Signature Form2Signed when submitting for reimbur...
Ncr Calendar 2014
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Microsoft Word - 2014-New-Construction-REPORTS.doc This file is continuously updated as New Construction reports are received Complete thru September 22 2014If a T 4 permit number is listed as 00000 it is not yet permitted or added to an existing permit When notified permit numbers pending at time of report should be entered into the Changes column when issuedIf the number is 99999 the system is d...
2009 Business Lighting New Construction
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ENERGY EFFICIENCY FINANCIAL INCENTIVES ENERGY EFFICIENCY FINANCIAL INCENTIVESNEW Construction LIGHTING MEASURESFOR BUSINESS CUSTOMERSThe following information is provided as part of an incentive program to encourage non-residential customers to select and install energy efficient equipment fortheir facilities This program is brought to you by participating municipalities and cooperative members of... Business Light...onstruction.pdf
Coe 12a Comm Nc
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New Construction Terms and Conditions Rebate ProgramGeneral Eligibility1 The Commercial New Construction program is availableColorado - Electric to retail electric customers where the New Construction orretrofit building is in a Black Hills Energy Colorado electricCommercial Customers service territory2 Proposed projects not meeting the screeningHow To Participate requirements may still be eligibl...
B6 Led L622
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B6-LED 6 New Construction NON-IC LED HOUSINGNEWA Height 7-1 4B Cut-out 6-1 2C Width 7D Length 10E Bar Hanger 12 -242000 INPUT VOLT INPUT FREQ INPUT CUR INPUT POWER THD POWER FACTOR LUMENS120 277 50 60Hz 266mA 115mA 32W -5 20 0 9 2000120 277 50 60Hz 216mA 94mA 24W -5 20 0 9 1200DESCRIPTION - 6 LED dedicated New Construction NON-IC housing with integral LED heat management casting and driver install...
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Bld Permit Insp Checklist Recycledwater4newconstruction
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Inspection Checklist - Recycled Water Checklist for New Construction CITY OF MILPITASBuilding Safety Department INSPECTION CHECKLIST455 E Calaveras BlvdMilpitas CA 95035408-586-3240RECYCLED WATER CHECKLISTwww ci milpitas ca gov FOR New CONSTRUCTIONCodeCode Requirements Req dsectionA GENERAL1 Project Name2 Site Address3 SBRWP Customer No MP--4 Meter Register NoNote One checklist for each recycled ...
Bison Construction Adhesive Fiber
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New Construction ADHESIVE FIBER BY BISON PROFESSIONAL26 FEBRUARY 2010Bison Professional Construction Adhesive FiberLast year Bison Professional introduced the revolutionary Fiber-technology Thistechnical tour de force involving the adding of fibres to ensure extraordinary strengthis now repeated in the New Construction Foam Adhesive Fiber the perfect adhesive forall wood bondsThanks to the adding ...
02 New Construction Belleville Emmy
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Microsoft PowerPoint - 02-New Construction - Belleville - Emmy NewConstructionEmmy RileySEDACUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSouthwestern Illinois College 11 09 11Belleville ILWhy do it right the first timeLess expensive long termHealthier more comfortableMore marketableIt s requiredIt s the right thing to doCodes Standards GuidelinesRequired2009 Illinois Energy Conservation CodeBased on... Cons...ille - Emmy.pdf
Sample Family Evacuation Plan
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be contacted when it is safe to return to your homeor to be reunited with your family and loved onesStep 8 Notify your out-of-area contactIf you have to evacuate your home for a prolonged period duringa winter power failure Drain the water from the plumbing systemStarting at the top of the house open all taps flush toiletsseveral times and open the Drain valve in the Basement Drainyour hot water Plan.pdf
Cn 1251 Construction Updates 02 11 12 To 03 02 12
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Microsoft Word - CN 1251 Construction Updates 02-11-12 to 03-02-12.doc Utility Relocation for Union Square Market Street StationContract 1251Central Subway Construction Look AheadFebruary 11 to March 2 2012AnticipatedLocation Description of WorkCompletionStockton Street Installation utility vaults and joint trench AT TMay 2012Geary to Post streets and PG E cut-over water connectionsInstallation of...
Form Ec 1
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New Hampshire Residential Energy Code Application for Certification of Compliance New HampshireResidential Energy Code Applicationfor Certification of Compliance for New Construction Additions and or RenovationsEC-1 FormMinimum Provisions Effective Date April 1 2010Owner Owner Builder Company Name if applicable General Contractor Company NameName NameMail Address Mail AddressTown City State Zip To... EC-1.pdf
Pinning Dry
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Pinning Dry Construction method OutlineThis is the assistance and the reinforcement Construction method which fix a fibersheet physicallyDrilling the hole to the concrete which applied fiber sheets such as carbon fiberIt can discharge unnecessary moisture in concrete by driving in and capping a Dry lockpinReinforcement under of the elevated bridge of the Reinforcement and the scupper of fiber shee...
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Upper Richmond Village brochure.qxd Features SpecificationsLighting allowance to be 2000 plus ten 10 pot lightsincludedDecora light switches throughoutMicrowave Dishwasher have separate outletsBathrooms to include high-quality low noise fans ventedto exteriorYour New Home Exterior Telephone to be prewired with 3 jacks 2 TV outletsLot is fully graded sodded serviced Plumbing in bathrooms to include...
Blog Right062011
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New Construction Talk New Home Construction ProcessPart 1 Choosing and Working with a BuilderIn real estate there s nothing more plan utility start dates and arrangesatisfying than picking a lot choosing your change of address with the posta Floor plan customizing your interior office Because there are so manyand seeing it all come together If you re contingencies in New home construc-considering ...
1398689687 10071
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n place then it will be required that a clean-out check valve be installed The size of the clean-out check valve will bedetermined by the size of the existing pipePART 2 PRODUCTS2 1 Reference WPWD Standards Section 02731PART 3 EXECUTION3 1 GENERALA All costs and expenses incident to the installation and connection of the buildingsewer shall be borne by the Owner The Owner shall indemnify the Utili
04 23 13 C1recycling And Construction Waste
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recycling and Construction COUNCIL STAFF REPORTDATE March 26 2013SUBJECT Sustainability Code Initiative Recycling and ConstructionWaste Management Petition No PLNPCM2010-00614 byMayor Ralph BeckerAFFECTED COUNCIL DISTRICTS CitywideFROM Lehua WeaverADMINISTRATIVE DEPT Community Economic Development Department PlanningDivisionAND CONTACT PERSON Ana Valdemoros Principal PlannerCOUNCIL PHILOSOPHY This... C1Recyclin...ction Waste.PDF
Ergonomic Floor Locks
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ERGONOMIC Floor LOCKS Line ExpansionALBION expands its industry leading Floor lock line with New ERGOnomic Floor LocksNew look Same great featuresPrevents inadvertent cart movementBright yellow powder coating allows high visibilityEasy to operate step on and step off pedals- even with steeltoed bootsBrake Shoe Large non-skid molded rubber for solid no-slipcontactFoot Pedal Adjusted by slight foot ...
Product Brochure Floor Drains & Gutters Rev0
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New Product FRP Floor Drains Gutters A combination of two products stock fiberglass grating factory lay-upthereby providing a lightweight leak resistant corrosion resistant solutionfor Floor drains and guttersOur engineered fiberglass gratingalready provides a proven lightweightcorrosion resistant solution to many ofour clients drainage access problemsCombining this product with factorylay-up usin... Brochure ...tters -Rev0.pdf
Resident Checklist
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TOWN OF RICHMOND HILL RESIDENTIAL BUILDING PERMITAPPLICATION PROCESS0 DOCUMENTS ITEMS REQUIRED AT TIME OF APPLICATION1 REFER TO RESIDENTIAL BUILDING PERMIT SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS - see reverse2 PERMIT FEES cash cheque or debit accepted see belowStandard Residential Building permit FeesDetached semi-detached townhouse duplex 13 80 per m2Finished Basement 3 10 per m2Minimum residential permit fee 1...
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Reece | Plumbing | DrainFresh A simple system forhygienic odourless drainsPRODUCT OVERVIEW BENEFITSDrainFresh from Watersave is a patented New Stops Drain odours The DrainFresh barriergeneration Floor waste that provides 24 hour hygienic technology prevents Drain odours from entering theprotection against toxic odours harmful bacteria room through the Floor wasteand pests from entering your buildi...
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Sb Educationcbi07examqs1a
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Microsoft Word - WCBIquiz1A.doc Wisconsin Commercial Building Inspector Certification Practice Exam 11 A building shall not be required to conform to the details of a constructiontype which meets the minimum requirements of a lower type based on occupancya lowerb higherc similard alternate602 1 12 In New Construction required smoke alarms shall receive their primary power fromthe building wiring ...