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Chapter 32 Real Time Ray Tracing With Cuda
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Real-Time Ray Tracing with CUDA Min Shih1 Yung-Feng Chiu1 Ying-Chieh Chen1 and Chun-Fa Chang21National Tsing Hua University Taiwan2National Taiwan Normal University Taiwanminshih yfchiu louis ibr cs nthu edu twchunfa ntnu edu twAbstract The graphics processors GPUs have recently emerged as a low-costalternative for parallel programming Since modern GPUs have great computa-tional power as well as h... System/Algorithm...g with CUDA.pdf
Automatic Creation Object Hierarchies Ray Tracing Dynamic Scenes
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Automatic Creation of Object Hierarchies for Ray Tracing of Dynamic ScenesMartin Eisemann Thorsten Grosch Marcus Magnor Stefan M llerInstitute for Computer University of Institute for Computer University ofGraphics TU Koblenz-Landau Graphics TU Koblenz-LandauBraunschweig Germany Germany Braunschweig Germany Germanyeisemann cg tu-bs de grosch uni-koblenz de magnor cg tu-bs de stefan mueller uni-kob...
1992 05 A Ray Tracing Method For Predicting Path Loss And Delay Spread In Microcellular Environments
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A Ray Tracing METHOD FOR PREDICTING PATH LOSS AND DELAY SPREAD IN MICROCELLULAR ENVIRONMENTSKurt R Schaubach Nathaniel J Davis IV and Theodore S RappaportMobile and Portable Radio Research GroupBradley Department of Electrical EngineeringVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityBlacksburg VA 24061-0111ABSTRACT of direct and ground reflected fields and in urban areas by reflectedfields fr...
15 Ray Tracing
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15-Ray-Tracing.pptx CSCI 480 Computer GraphicsLecture 15Ray TracingRay CastingShadow RaysReflection and TransmissionCh 13 2 - 13 3Mar 25 2013Jernej BarbicUniversity of Southern Californiahttp www-bcf usc edu jbarbic cs480-s131Local IlluminationObject illuminations are independentNo light scattering between objectsNo real shadows reflection transmissionOpenGL pipeline uses this2Global IlluminationR...
Ray Tracing Rules Handout
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preview-1845674.pdf Ray Tracing RulesMirrors1 Incident light rays parallel to the principal axis of a mirror are reflected through the focal pointor appear to be2 Incident rays that pass through the focal point are reflected parallel to the principal axis3 Incident rays that pass through the center of curvature are reflected back through the center ofcurvatureLenses1 Incident light rays parallel t... Handout.pdf
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Ray Tracing for Cars Ray Tracing forthe movie CarsPer ChristensenPixar Animation StudiosRay Tracing Symposium 2006TopicsRenderManWhy add Ray tracingMovie rendering requirementsHow to deal with overwhelmingcomplexityA few implementation detailsRay Tracing examples from CarsPixar s RenderManBased on scanline rendering REYESUsed forAll Pixar moviesSpecial effectsScientific visualizationFirst release ...
Pa 05 10
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Ray Tracing Point Set Surfaces Anders Adamson Marc AlexaTU Darmstadt GRISFraunhoferstr 5 64283 Darmstadtaadamson alexa gris informatik tu-darmstadt deAbstract to devise methods for Ray Tracing point sampled geometryFor Ray Tracing point sampled geometry one may choose be-Point set surfaces are a smooth manifold surface ap- tween two generally different approaches Either the pointproximation from a...
Paper 2 Monte Carlo Ray Tracing Based Sensitivity Analysis Of The Atmospheric And The Ocean Parameters On Top Of The Atmosphere Radiance
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Monte Carlo Ray Tracing Based Sensitivity Analysis of the Atmospheric and the Ocean Parameters on Top of the Atmosphere Radiance IJACSA International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and ApplicationsVol 3 No 12 2012Monte Carlo Ray Tracing Based Sensitivity Analysisof the Atmospheric and the Ocean Parameters on Topof the Atmosphere RadianceKohei Arai 1Graduate School of Science and EngineeringS...
S0604 Monday Advanced Rendering
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Ray Tracing: NVIDIA Advanced Rendering Solutions GTC 2012 S0604 - NVIDIA Advanced Rendering SolutionsThe full range of advanced rendering solutionsand frameworks from NVIDIA will be explored inthis insightful product and technologydiscussion and demonstration Come learnabout the latest possibilities involving advancedrendering techniques and how they integratewithin commercial products from produc...
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The input file to the Ray Tracing engine is a description of the model, the electric parameter, and the antennas Build 3D Models for Raycognitio - A Ray Tracer forRadio Propagation ModelingZhengqing Yun 2008 2013The basic geometric entity in my Ray Tracing program is plate which is a planar polygonA plate is represented by the primitive geometric objects triangles A plate can be used tosimulate a ...
Laine2005siggraph Paper
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Soft Shadow Volumes for Ray Tracing Samuli Laine Timo Aila Ulf AssarssonHelsinki University of Technology Helsinki University of Technology ARTIS GRAVIR IMAG INRIAHybrid Graphics Ltd Hybrid Graphics Ltd Chalmers University of TechnologyJaakko Lehtinen Tomas Akenine-M lleroHelsinki University of Technology Lund UniversityRemedy Entertainment LtdAbstractWe present a new fast algorithm for rendering ...
Iipfrt Preprint
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Improving Interaction Performance for Ray Tracing EUROGRAPHICS 2008 K Mania and E Reinhard Short PapersImproving Interaction Performance for Ray TracingDaniel Kurz Christopher Lux Jan P Springer Bernd Fr hlichBauhaus-Universit t WeimarAbstractWe have developed an approach for improving the performance of object manipulation in Ray Tracing systemsWe assume that users alternate between navigating th...
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Ray Tracing Tools for High Frequency Electromagnetics SimulationsSandy SeStockholm 2003Licentiate ThesisRoyal Institute of TechnologyDepartment of Numerical Analysis and Computer ScienceAkademisk avhandling som med tillst av Kungl Tekniska H gskolan framl g-and o ages till offentlig granskning f r avl ggande av teknisk licentiatexamen torsdageno aden 12 juni 2003 kl 14 15 i sal E33 Kungl Tekniska ...
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Benchmarking Ray Tracing for Realistic Light Transport Algorithms Benchmarking Ray Tracing for Realistic LightTransport AlgorithmsMatthias Raab Leonhard Gr nschlou Johannes HanikaManuel Finckh Alexander KellerDecember 11 20071 IntroductionPhysically based light transport simulations generally rely on a fast implemen-tation of the Ray shooting function h x and a fast visibility test V x yThose func...
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A Competitive Analysis of Load Balancing Strategies for Parallel Ray Tracing The Journal of Supercomputing 12 57 68 1998c 1998 Kluwer Academic Publishers Boston Manufactured in The NetherlandsA Competitive Analysis of Load Balancing Strategiesfor Parallel Ray TracingALAN HEIRICH heirich sgi comJAMES ARVO arvo cs caltech eduSilicon Graphics Computer Systems 2011 N Shoreline Blvd Mountain View CA 94...
4 Ray Tracing Surfaces And Scenes
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Advanced Graphics Ray Tracing Surfaces and ScenesAlex Benton University of Cambridge A Benton damtp cam ac ukSupported in part by Google UK LtdProcedural volumetric textureBy mapping 3D coordinates to colors we can createvolumetric texture The input to the texture is local modelcoordinates the output is color and surface characteristicsFor example to produce wood-grain texture trees growrings with... Ray Tracing - su... and scenes.pdf
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3D Ray-Tracing Dust Radiative Transfer in Galaxies with arbitrary geometriesGiovanni NataleJHI PrestonIn collaboration withCristina C Popescu JHI MPIKRichard J Tuffs MPIKA Panchromatic view of Cyprus PaphosGalaxy Evolution 30 Years after IRAS June 13th 2013Why Dust Radiative-Transfer- Dust heating is not localMultiwavelength spatial correlations potentially misleading- Calculating UV-to-IR Radiati...
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Section 2 Anisotropic Ray Tracing 1 Anisotropic Ray Tracinggoverning equationsmain computational techniquesexamplesSection 2 Anisotropic Ray Tracing 2Rays in Anisotropic ModelSection 2 Anisotropic Ray Tracing 3Equation of Motionij 2 uixxj t2Hooke s Lawulij Cijkl xxkul 2 uiCijklxj xk t2linear second-order PDE for uSection 2 Anisotropic Ray Tracing 4High-Frequency Solutioni x tui x t Ai x F e dLeadi...
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Ray Tracing Ray TracingSimple Ray Casting - no shadow is produced special case of Ray TracingReading Edward Angel Pg 271-275Ray Tracing 1980 - a relatively complete simulation of an illumination-reflectionmodel in computer graphics It provides a simple powerful 3D rendering techniquefor obtaining global reflection transmission and shadow effects Ray-traced imagescan be highly realistic particularl...
May13 11 Jensen Point Cloud Filtering Using Ray Casting
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Point Cloud Filtering using Ray Casting by Eric Jensen 2012 The Basic MethodologyRay Tracing in standard graphics study is a method of following the path of a photon from the lightsource to the camera as it bounces off various surfaces Ray Tracing generates its path using Ray castingRay casting is the method of detecting when a straight path from a point hit an object Ray Tracing usesthe surface t... Final/May13-11 Jens...Ray Casting.pdf
Icrc 2005 Rsato
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29th International Cosmic Ray Conference Pune 2005 8 13 16 The Performance of the Corrector Lenses for the Auger FluorescenceDetectorRicardo Sato and Carlos O Escobar for the Pierre Auger Collaborationa Instituto de F sica Universidade Estadual de Campinas Campinas BrasilPresenter C O Escobar escobar i unicamp br bra-escobar-CO-abs1-he15-posterWe present an analysis of the effect that the correcto...
Hpeem Hpeem1 Pdf T 1366800267
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aboratory of Hokkaido University Hokkai PEEMSEM Ltd Co Ltd sales not only PEEMs but also various energy analyzers spin rotators electronlenses made of static and magnetic and various beam deflector and stigmatorsReview PEEM Fig 1 Hokkaido University and Hokkai PEEM CoLtdSuga Thin Film Hokkai PEEM Co Ltd locates inside Hokkaido University in Sapporo HokkaidoEvaporator Japan It was established in 20
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Ray Tracing Acceleration structure RayCast SystemsRevolutionary 3D TechnologyComputer Architecture and Data Structuresfor Incoherent Ray TraversalWelcome to the Future of 3DWhat is PhotorealismViewer cannot distinguish between acomputer generated image vs photographAccurately Simulating Rays of LightSLOWUser Demand needs Real-TimeCopyright 2014 RayCast Systems Inc All Rights ReservedDemand for Re...
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Towards Optimal Decomposition Techniques for Ray Traced Terrain Visualisation Towards Optimal Decomposition TechniquesFor Ray Traced Terrain VisualisationPaul Francis Michell0059502MSc ComputingLiverpool Hope UniversityPlagiarism DeclarationThis page must be signed by the student in the presence of the supervisor or award director It mustbe bound in with the dissertation By signing this page the s...
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81994.dvi Analytical tools for customized design ofmonofocal intraocular lensesSergio Barbero and Susana MarcosInstituto de Optica Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cient cas Madrid Spain 28006sergio barbero io cfmac csic esAbstract We propose a complete methodology to develop custommonofocal Intraocular Lens IOL designs and evaluate their performanceon-axis based on an analytical formulation Th...
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Introduction to POV-Ray POV-Teamfor POV-Ray Version 3 6 1iiContents1 Introduction 11 1 Program Description 21 2 What is Ray-Tracing 21 3 What is POV-Ray 31 4 Features 31 5 The Early History of POV-Ray 41 5 1 The Original Creation Message 51 5 2 The Name 61 5 3 A Historic Version History 81 6 How Do I Begin 91 7 Notation and Basic Assumptions 92 Getting Started 112 1 Our First Image 112 1 1 Underst...
Bh10 Singleraybingel
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Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization 2010 J Ahrens K Debattista and R Pajarola EditorsStreamed Ray Tracing of Single Rays on the Cell ProcessorFlorian Bingel and Andre HinkenjannBonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences Sankt Augustin GermanyAbstractIn this paper we present an approach to ef ciently trace single rays on the Cell Processor instead of using raypackets T...
Optcommun 264 130
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dimensional imagingand easy manufacturing but it loses the property of sub-wavelength resolution We also show that identical results can be obtained forthe impedance matched lens in the framework of paraxial geometrical optics from which it can be inferred that optical systems contain-ing such a lens can be studied and designed using traditional Ray-Tracing tools2006 Elsevier B V All rights reserv
Measurement 2
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tivefocal length and pupil position measurements especially for long focal length Lenses Many measurement methodsrely on a mechanical measurement to determine the back focal length or may require careful operator discriminationin determining the best focus position Aberrations may confuse an automatic focal length measurement systemHowever an accurate determination of the optical properties of a l
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Spin Code Benchmarking at RHIC THP103 Proceedings of 2011 Particle Accelerator Conference New York NY USASPIN CODE BENCHMARKING AT RHICF M ot M Bai V Ptitsyn V RanjbareCollider-Accelerator Department BNL Upton NY 11973 USAAbstract and their difference for comparisonStepwise Ray-Tracing methods are being developed at C- 2AD BNL in view of benchmarking of existing spin codes INTRINSIC Jn epsilony pi...