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-Cap Core FundsUndervalued opportunities All-weather approach Veteran management teamCharacterized by attractive relative valuations Seeking to limit downside risk in Falling Markets More than 20 years of experience employing astrong fundamentals and positive business while keeping pace in rising Markets time-tested investment process developed inmomentum in the mid-cap space the 1980sSECTOR COMPO
Independent Investment Half Yearly Report 0509
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he Company relate to the Company s investment activities These risks aremarket price risk comprising currency risk interest rate risk and other price risk liquidity risk andcredit risk An explanation of these risks and how they are managed is contained in note 18 of theCompany s Annual Report and Accounts for the year to 30 November 2008 which is available on theCompany s website www independentin
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rencies bonds short-term rates energies metals equities and agricultural Markets Using multiple strategies with low to negative correlation andallowing each strategy to benefit from either rising or Falling Markets further enhances diversificationMonthly PerformanceJuly 2005 - November 2008 - see disclaimerJan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year2013 7 60 -4 71 4 20 3 70 2 34 -0 32 -0
Third Circle Met Target Return Ffs 20140831
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14 Jun 14 May 14 Apr 14 Mar 14 Feb 14 Jan 14 Dec 13 Nov 13 Oct 13 Sep 13 Valuation Time 15h00Fund -1 62 8 16 6 62 2 52 9 32 -2 96 0 24 -2 60 1 54 9 78 -0 96 5 95 Dealing Cut-Off Time 14h00Benchmark 0 48 0 47 0 47 0 45 0 44 0 44 0 39 0 42 0 43 0 39 0 42 0 42 Income Declaration 30 Jun 31 DecCumulative Annualised Income Payment 2nd working day of Jul JanFund Benchmark Cash Inflation Fund Benchmark C
Bob Farrell S 10 Rules For Investing
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Bob Farrell’s 10 rules for investing Bob Farrell s 10 rules for investing1 Markets tend to return to the mean over timeWhen stocks go too far in one direction they come back Euphoria and pessimism cancloud people s heads It s easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment and loseperspective2 Excesses in one direction will lead to an excess in the opposite directionThink of the market baseline ...
Sp500 Low Volatility Brochure
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S P 500 Low Volatility Index A low volatility investment strategy for turbulent marketsThe S P 500 Low Volatility Index measures the performance of the 100 least volatile stocks in the S P 500 based ontheir historical volatility The index is compiled and maintained by Standard Poor s S P Dow Jones IndicesThe challengeHigh volatility means the daily price of an asset can fluctuate dramatically incr...
Increase Chance Of Making Money
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Microsoft Word - Increase Chance of Making Money.doc Sherwood Investment ServicesFinancial Planning Investment ManagementEric Linger RIARegistered Investment Advisor425-898-8989Sherwood-Investments com 23705 NE 61st Streetelinger Sherwood-Investments com Redmond WA 98053The Savvy InvestorIncrease Your Chances of Making MoneyMany investors make the mistake during Falling Markets to put too much wei... Chance of ...aking Money.pdf
Agm Chairmanaddress2009
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ders through what hasbeen a difficult yearI know that for many of you the past year has not been easy Falling Markets and weakeconomic conditions have reduced both wealth and incomes and the Board is acutely aware ofthe stresses that this placed on many of youGiven those difficulties we are grateful for your support and your confidence in the Board andmanagementIn these remarks I shall focus on th
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eeks to outperform over time by limiting Targets large-cap companies with attractive More than 20 years of experience employing adownside risk in Falling Markets while keeping relative valuations strong fundamentals and time-tested investment process developed inpace in rising Markets positive business momentum the 1980sSECTOR COMPOSITION1 AVERAGE ANNUAL TOTAL RETURNS2Life of Life ofQTD YTD 1 year
Morning Report 24 Feb
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mend to persist with the tapering process and also suggested to raisethe interest rates relatively soon However Indian market was in much better position than other emerging Markets Interimbudget and CAD Current Account Deficit numbers provided support to Indian market In addition the Finance Ministerprovided much needed boost to the ailing automobile sector by cutting excise duties across various Report 24...port 24 Feb.pdf
Tac 00033 Fund Handout 1013
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and DEFENSIVE toolsGVTAX A-Share GVTIX I-Shareseeking to manage risk By tactically adjusting the Fund s allocationamongst the various strategies the Adviser seeks to provide downside Tactical Asset Allocationprotection in Falling Markets and deliver higher risk-adjusted returns Sample Exposure Across Market Cyclesover a full market cycle The Fund defines a full market cycle as a timeperiod that m
Gpmfs Fact Sheet 2013 12 31
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gy 7 LongRBOB Gas 1 4 Longrate and currency Markets and to preserve principal and generateCorn 4 5 Shortinterest income by investing primarily in investment grade securities Grains Foods 12 ShortWheat 3 0 ShortThere is no assurance the Fund will achieve its investment objectivesGold 4 6 ShortMetals 9 ShortSilver 2 9 ShortFund Leadership TeamFINANCIALS 72David Kavanagh President of Dearborn Capital Sheet/GPMFS Fact Sheet..._2013.12.31.pdf
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PowerPoint Presentation Product Profile Income GrowthPeriod Ending March 2014Investment PhilosophyBahl Gaynor employs a Growth at a Reasonable Price discipline to purchase high-quality companies at sensiblevaluations It is our goal to seek superior performance while preserving capital in declining Markets In addition ourfocus on companies that pay a growing dividend has benefited our clients in th...
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Apply Online for a Trading Account Open an account with us online 24 hours-a-day Simply visit www igmarkets co za complete the process andwe will automatically deal with your application In addition one application will give you access to both aDomestic and an International account1 Seminars Events 02Upcoming events2 Broker Consensus 03Sentiment on a number of individual Top 40 South African share...
Falling Short An Evaluation Of The Indian Renewable Certificate Market
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Falling Short An Evaluation of the Indian Renewable Certificate MarketClimate Policy InitiativeGireesh ShrimaliSumala TirumalachettyDavid NelsonDecember 2012CPI-ISB ReportDescriptorsSector Renewable EnergyRegion IndiaRenewable Policy Renewable Purchase ObligationKeywordsRPO Renewable Energy Certificates RECsContact Gireesh Shrimali Hyderabad Officegireesh shrimali cpihyd orgAbout the Indian School...
How To Make Money Shorting Stocks In Up And Down Markets
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Microsoft Word - How To Make Money Shorting Stocks In Up & Down Markets.rtf How to Make Money Shorting Stocks in Up and Down MarketsNow I am very much aware that many market players do not like to short stocks This biasagainst the short side of the market is totally understandable especially given the fact that thewidespread reluctance is garnered and perpetuated by the various exchanges and the o... To Make Money Shorting Stock...own Markets.pdf
140606 Hsbc Emi Eng Pr
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HSBC Emerging Markets Index - Jun 2014 Press ReleaseEmbargoed until 00 01 UK Time 6TH June 2014Note The HSBC Emerging Markets Index a weighted composite indicator derived from national HSBC Purchasing Managers IndexPMI reports in 17 emerging economies is now being published on a monthly basis rather than quarterlyHSBC Emerging Markets IndexEmerging Markets remain stuck in low gear in MayKey points...
Magazine Oktober 2011
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RBS Markets MAGAZINE www rbs nl Markets oktober 2011Het begintmet visie4 Scenario svoor dewereldeconomieBeleg nooit zonder planInterview met beurskenner en beleggingstrainer Jim Tehupuring Pagina 10Wijze lessen Aandelen GrondstoffenTop-10 Beleggersfouten Bodemvissen loont dat Op naar de 2 000 dollarBeleggers zijn ook maar Never catch a Falling Is de opmars van demensen Welke fouten moet knife De c...
Regulating Shadow Markets
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Regulating the Shadow Markets Heather SlavkinAFL-CIOFinancial oversight has failed to keep up with the realities of the marketplace characterizedby globalization innovation and the convergence of lending and investing activities This hasallowed institutions to structure complex transactions and take on risky exposures withoutfulfilling the regulatory requirements Congress deemed necessary to preve...
Beware Of Falling Into The Strategy Gap Almj 21 Mary 2012 D1
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Microsoft Word - Beware of Falling into the strategy gap ALMJ 21 Mary 2012 D1.docx Beware of Falling into the strategy gapEnsuring that firm people marketing and brand strategies are aligned supported and do notconflict are among the biggest challenges of strategic planning You must achieve strategyfusion and make sure you do not end up with a strategy gap writes Sean LarkanEnsuring that firm peop...
Current Entry For Insurance Markets And Companies
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Microsoft Word - Insurance Markets and Companies Insurance Markets and Companies Analyses and Actuarial ComputationsSUBMISSION PROCESSElectronic Submission RequiredVia Emailinseditor businessperspectives orgCONTACT INFORMATION REVIEW PROCESSOlha Kozmenko Editor Acceptance Rate 21 - 30Insurance Markets and Companies Analyses and Actuarial Invited Articles 11-20ComputationsUkranian Academy of Bankin... entry for In...d Companies.pdf
2010 09 20 Dt And Suborbital Markets
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2010.09.20 DT and Suborbital IAC-10-E6 3 8SUBORBITAL MARKET OVERVIEW AND APPLICATION OF DISRUPTION THEORYAuthorKen Davidian FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation Washington DC USACo-authorJeff Foust Futron Corporation Bethesda Maryland USAABSTRACTThis report identifies the incumbent and new entrant companies of the suborbital payload market their industry rolesand how the Christ...
Handout Top 10 Attributes Of The Best Farmers Markets
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Microsoft Word - Top 10 Attributes of the BEST farmers Markets Top 10 Attributes ofThe Best Farmers Markets1A farmers market is an organized group of farmers who offer fresh local farm products at a specifiedlocation at schedule times Farmers Markets are growing in number and size around the country WhyBecause the public is seeking fresh local food from farmers they know and can interact withFarme...
Clean Version Free Markets And Competition Laws
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Clean VERSION-FREE Markets AND COMPETITION LAWS COMMENTARYAuthor Kenneth M Davidson AAI Senior FellowContact Information kdavidson antitrustinstitute orgFREE Markets AND COMPETITION LAWS Questions and PossibleAnswersAbstractThis Commentary is adapted from a presentation given in December 2011 at aCapacity Building Conference sponsored by the Association of South East AsianNations ASEAN and the Deu... VERSIO...TITION LAWS.pdf
Emerging Markets Weekly 29 Jul 13
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Emerging Markets Weekly - 29 Jul 13.indd Emerging Markets WeeklyWeekly Commentary29 July 2013OverviewEmerging Markets ended mixed last week In Asia lingering concerns about China sslowing economy were counterbalanced by fresh signs of improvement in the US andEurope Turkey fell after the central bank raised borrowing costs whereas gains in LatinAmerica were led by resource companiesA closely-watch... 29 Jul 13.pdf
Secrets Of The Trading Pros Techniques Tips That Pros Use To Beat The Markets By H Jack Bouroudjian
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Secrets of the Trading Pros: Techniques Tips that Pros Use to Beat the Markets by H. Jack Bouroudjian pdf Secrets of the Trading Pros Techniques Tips that Pros Use toBeat the MarketsAuthor H Jack Bouroudjian See the book coverLanguage EnglishFormat pdfPages 200DownloadPublished 2007He studied at Trinity College besides secrets Cambridge and after graduation took a job as a clerk inthe House of Com...
Paper Js Labor Markets During 90s
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Chapter 9: Labor Markets during the 1990s 09 CH 9 213-264 3 14 03 2 31 PM Page 2139Labor Markets during the 1990sJAIME SAAVEDRAMarket-oriented reforms became widespread in Latin America and theCaribbean during the 1990s The expectations of reformers were that theshift toward a more competitive environment with a change in the roleof the state so that Markets would become the main determinant of re... markets durin... during 90s.pdf
Cancer Diagnostic Testing World Markets
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Cancer Diagnostic Testing World Markets Product Sheet http www bioseeker com market-research-report cancer-diagnostic-testing-More information at world-Markets htmlCancer Diagnostic Testing World MarketsPublished 2010-AUG-02Pages 291Format PDFDescriptionCancer testing is one of the most important growth opportunities for the next three to five years in the diagnosticssegmentThe National Cancer Ins...
Financial Markets Wrap [new Zealand 6 9 2011]5894
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Financial Markets Wrap Financial Markets WrapSeptember 2011NZD August AngstAugust was a month of heightened risk aversion with significant falls in global equity Markets and interest ratesHowever NZ data confirmed the economy is on a solid footing and inflation expectations remain elevatedThe market has revised down expectations for RBNZ rate hikes but still expects rate hikes by year endThe NZD u...]5894.pdf
Why Strategy Matters In Emerging Markets After All Forbes
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2 11 2014 Why Strategy Matters In Emerging Markets After All - Forbes Booz and CompanyW E A RE A LEA D IN G G LOBA L MA N A G EMEN T C ON S ULT I N G FI RMB U S I NES S 2 05 2014 11 41AM 540 vie wsWhy Strategy Matters InEmerging Markets After AllBooz and Company C ontributorFrom strategy businessBy John JullensOver the last few years the conventional wisdom has coalesced around a viewthat success ... Strategy Matters In Emerg...ll - Forbes.pdf